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Spectrum FAQ

Account and Billing

What is the On-Time Guarantee?

The On-Time Guarantee is our promise that we’ll show up on time for installations and service appointments because we understand nothing is more frustrating than waiting around for an appointment.

Contact us for the details of your area’s On-Time Guarantee policy.

How can I check the status of my appointment online?

You can view your appointments within the Overview tab of My Account. Sign into My Account using your Spectrum ID and go to My Appointments.


Can I cancel or reschedule an appointment online?

Yes, you can use My Account or the My Spectrum app to reschedule appointments.


To reschedule appointments using My Account:

1. Sign in to My Account using your Spectrum ID.

2. On the Overview tab, go to My Appointments.

3. Select Reschedule for the appointment you would like to reschedule.

4. Select a date and time on the calendar that works for you.

5. Select Reschedule Appointment.

6. A confirmation message will be displayed indicating the appointment was successfully rescheduled.


To reschedule appointments using My Spectrum:

1. Login to My Spectrum on an Android™ or iOS device using your Spectrum ID/password.

2. If you have an appointment, you will see an indicator in the Appointments tile on the home screen.

3. Tap on Appointments.

4. You will see the appointment information.

5. Tap on the Reschedule button, pick an available time, and submit.


Note: You can cancel appointments online only if the appointment is for a service issue.  To cancel any other type of appointment, contact us.

Account and Billing FAQs

Can I view my bill online?

Yes, you can view your bill statements online through My Account.

1. Sign intoMy Account using your TWC ID.
2. On the Overview tab, go to Billing.
3. Select a statement date and click Download PDF.

You will be able to view your current statement and up to five historical statements.

Note: You must have Adobe Reader installed to view your bill statements online. Adobe Reader is available as a free download.

How much will I pay once my promotion has ended?

We often offer promotional pricing when you sign up for services, and that pricing is available only for a limited time (e.g. $49.99 per month for 12 months). Once a discount expires, there will be an increase to either a new promotional rate or to retail rates. Note: You’ll be notified on your bill when pricing changes.

Is there a senior discount available in my area?

To learn about special pricing in your area for seniors, please contact us.  We’ll gladly help you find a package that’s suitable to your needs and your budget.

When will my first cable bill arrive in the mail?

Billing dates vary based on the bill cycle of your local office, but it is usually 10 days after your installation date. For additional questions regarding your billing dates please contact us.

Account and Billing

What if I am moving a short distance, and will stay in the same city and want to transfer my service?

If you are moving within the same city, please call us today 833-265-8792. Then, if we provide service in your new area we will set you up with a convenient appointment

Do I get billed separately for each service I subscribe to (TV, Phone, Internet)?

For your convenience we provide one bill for all services you subscribe to. However, some locations allow you to be billed separately for different services if you request it.

Please contact us for your local billing policy.

What are your current promotions?

Promotions and pricing varies by area. You can review special offers available in your local area online.

What is the Internet installation procedure? Can I install the modem myself?

When you subscribe to an Internet plan you have the option to lease a cable modem from us or to buy your own.

Installation options:

  • Professional Installation: This option may be subject to a one-time installation fee and includes the installation of the modem, coaxial cable wire and drivers. We also offer an option to perform an activation that sets your homepage, configures your email and Internet browser and downloads a program, Flash, if necessary.
  • Self-Installation: If you are an existing customer and want to add services, you can save time and money by doing it yourself with an Easy Connect Kit. You can pick up an Easy Connect Kit at a local store location or opt to have it delivered. The Kit contains everything you need to connect your computer: a high-speed Easy Connect Guide, two coaxial cables, one ethernet cable or USB cable and one splitter (if needed). An active cable outlet in the same room where you will have the computer is required.

How do I get service installed in my home?

If you are interested in becoming a customer, you can start service by placing a telephone order today. Call toll free 1-833-265-8792

When ordering online, simply enter the address of the location where you would like to begin service to see what options are available in your area.

For your installation, you’ll receive a window of time when an installer will be arriving at your home.

Things you need to know before your appointment:

• Someone 18 years or older, with a valid photo ID, must be at home for the duration of your appointment.
• The technician will call to verify you are at home prior to arrival.
• Fees may be associated to your appointment, which may include service charges, installation fees and a deposit.

Special note to renters: If your service requires custom wiring, you will need to provide our technician with a letter of consent from your landlord.