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50 million US homes have only one 25Mbps Internet provider or none at all


10.6 million homes have no wired access to 25Mbps, 4.9 million can’t get 3Mbps.

More than 10.6 million US households have no access to wired Internet service with download speeds of at least 25Mbps, and an additional 46.1 million households live in areas with just one provider offering those speeds, a new analysis has found. That adds up to more than 56 million households lacking any high-speed broadband choice over wired connections. Even when counting access to fixed wireless connections, there are still nearly 50 million households with one 25Mbps provider or none at all.

Nearly half lack high-speed choice

FCC reports have found that about three-quarters of the country’s developed census blocks lack any high-speed broadband choice. The household analysis¬†found a slightly better, but still troubling, situation, with nearly half of the 118 million US households lacking any wired Internet choice at the FCC’s broadband standard of 25Mbps. (One caveat: this new analysis examined only download speeds, whereas FCC reports define broadband as services offering both 25Mbps download speeds and at least 3Mbps uploads.)



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